I really appreciate that you take the time to read, reply & have your own thoughts about my writing Karen. Ta :)

I’ve been reflecting a lot on where my pessimism comes from, and the immediate temptation is to just throw a bunch of facts back (carbon emissions, right-wing demagogues, wealth inequality, etc.) — honestly thought I think my pessimism is more ‘hysterical,’ in the sense that it comes inductively from experience. As a result I’m trying less to persuade people in to pessimism and instead offer it the way a waiter might offer a glass of wine: “Here, try this.”

The one thing I’ll say is pessimism, if tried on, is perhaps less hope-crushing and enervating than people think. I’ve actually found pessimism immensely helpful as an individual — and in the end I reach the same conclusion you have — there are plenty of interesting things we can do outside the traditional ‘leftist’ space, and we may as well focus on doing good as living well whilst we’re around.



I work at the intersection of arts, media & social impact || W: www.adendate.com

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